milk_shake Direct Colour Lilac

milk_shake Direct Colour Lilac 200ml

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A temporary lilac colour treatment with instant results!

milk_shake lilac direct colour is a temporary colour treatment perfect to be used at home or in the salon. The treatment will colour, condition and protect your hair and has the ability to correct difficult technical hair problems.

Lilac direct colour intensifies and adds vibrancy to violet tones and adds colour to blonde hair. You should use direct colour under the instruction of your milk_shake® stylist. The duration of the colour varies on the condition and colour of your hair prior to the treatment and exposure to colour fading agents post treatment.

You can expect an average of 8 – 10 washes. We recommend you combine this product with the milk_shake® color maintainer shampoo and conditioner.
What it does:

highlights natural or coloured hair; adds vibrancy to coloured hair, tones blonde & white hair
Best for:

coloured hair or pre permanent hair colouring