milk_shake Direct Colour Cipria 200ml

milk_shake Direct Colour Powder 200ml

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A temporary powder colour treatment that acts instantly!

A direct cosmetic colour that can be used at home or in the salon to colour, condition and protect the hair. The colour is temporary and has the ability to correct difficult technical hair problems.

Formulated with tested high-quality pigments, it is recommended to highlight natural or coloured hair, to hide first grey hair, to introduce clients to colour service and to complement other professional technical services, to tone up bleached or highlight hair, to intensify a shade after other colour services or for colour correction or colour restoring. Reduce intensity to all shades by mixing with the clear direct colour.

The colour duration is variable and depends on the structure and porosity of the hair, on the type of specific products used for cleansing and conditioning, and on the exposure to colour fading agents like sea/swimming pool water. The product testing showed that the average colour duration is 8-10 hair washes using specific products.