milk_shake Sweet Camomile Gift Set

milk_shake Sweet Camomile Gift Set

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The milk_shake Sweet Camomile Gift Set is a range of products intended to revive and enhance blonde and golden highlights.

The products are perfect for summer and throughout the year.

Organic camomile revives the natural highlights of fair hair, leaving it shiny and luminous. Organic wildflower honey, prized for its nourishing properties, makes the hair Make your blonde hair shine incredibly soft, silky and full of brilliant highlights.

Make your blonde hair shine with the incredible milk_shake Sweet Camomile gift set!

milk_shake Sweet Camomile Shampoo 300ml is a revitalising shampoo for blonde hair, with a delicate SLES free formula, specifically formulated to revive highlights, enhancing the brilliance and vibrancy of blonde hair for incredibly soft, silky hair that is full of brilliant highlights.

milk_shake Sweet Camomile Conditioner 300ml is revitalising conditioner for blonde hair, paraben free with softening and detangling action. Revives highlights, enhances the shine and brilliance of blonde hair, and increases manageability.

milk_shake Sweet Camomile Leave In 150ml is a paraben-free revitalising leave-in conditioner for blonde hair. Specifically formulated to condition natural or slightly dry hair, and to give greater manageability to the hair than traditional conditioners or rinse out treatments.